Relationship Counselling

“We have a great relationship – we never argue.”

relationship counsellingRelationships at the best of times can be difficult to navigate – whether it’s a marriage, a love relationship, sibling conflict, parent child, friendships, work colleagues, boss.  Any form of relationship can test our ability to get along.  When I write the words ‘get along’ somehow that doesn’t feel comforting rather it conjures up the sentiment if you can’t tolerate each other move on.

Every body brings to relationships hopefully their best self or putting your best foot forward  – but this can be obscured by our own beliefs of what a healthy relationship should be.  For example if you experience a parent who you grew up with, as constantly dominating the other parent you may feel that is the way to be and you may carry some of those traits into your own adult relationships.  Or have the opposite affect you may become timid or anxious or constantly trying to please.  Similarly if your values are estranged from your partner you may struggle to get on the same page more often than not which may course ongoing relationship stress.

How we can help is to unravel the challenges, make sense of what is difficult and explore strategies that bring about the desired change.  Whilst strengthening communication within a respectful and supportive environment.

“ Our marriage went through some very difficult times.  Audrey helped us tremendously through this challenging period.  She gave us some great tools to help understand each other and ourselves better.  Thanks to Audrey our relationship is far stronger.  We now know we need to work on our relationship to keep growing as couple and a family.  We really appreciate her empathy, patience, knowledge, experience and most of all her honesty and can recommend her wholeheartedly.”  Client ‘PF & KS’


If this resonates with you, contact Audrey online or call direct on 0401 503 999 to see how she can help.

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