Life Coach

“I prefer a life coach!”

Life Coach SydneySome people feel that counselling is not for them – yet feel they are struggling with certain road blocks that keep getting in the way of moving forward, upwards or sideways.   Great coaching that is ‘spot on’ moves people gently by a series of small committed actions designed to bring about change.  That is unique to who you are and the pace you would like to go.

As a professional life coach I am committed to you making a difference in your life from where you are today to where you want to go.  For example someone who cares about their car will get it serviced regularly, they will fine tune it and get it just right so its road worthy and performs ultimately.  The same with a dentist, strong healthy teeth require regular dental care.  The outcome a good set of teeth, which makes you want to smile more, which in turn brings well documented psychological benefits.  Happy and confidant!

Your emotional well being deserves that much attention whether you need to finish a DIY job that you can’t seem to get going or project manage a team at work.  Even exploring life goals big or small and what prevents you from achieving them.

I work in partnership with you so you are not alone in your journey.  Great life coaching has got me where I am today of which I am forever grateful and I would welcome the opportunity to pass that onto you!

So why wait get fined tuned today!

“ I found myself recently in need of support and guidance with a personal work related issue.  Audrey was open, kind caring, funny gentle and knowledgeable.  Not only did she listen and support me, she allowed me to have a voice and assisted and coached me to develop coping mechanisms that best suited my situation.”  Client ‘MS’

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