Grief Counselling

‘’Sadness knows no boundaries”

Whilst grief and bereavement is normally associated with the loss of a loved one.  It can take the form of any emotion relating to a ‘loss’.   When I moved to Australia over a decade ago.  I was excited about our new life and the journey toward creating it – I did not factor in family and kinship support and dear friendships left behind.  What I experienced was a deep hole filled with sadness and loneliness for that safe familiarity.   I realised many years later that I was grieving the loss of that and although my new life here was exciting and rich, I had to make room for those thoughts and acknowledge them in order for me to move on.  I had to re-create new memories and find other ways of communicating and I’m grateful for Skype.

Grief is a powerful overwhelming emotion that can hit you when you least expect it – in a supermarket, putting the washing out.  When you have felt that you are all cried out – it floods back in waves and certain things can trigger it.    Grief can also be experienced over the loss of work, being made redundant or retiring.   It is not uncommon to find depression amongst senior citizens over the lack of purpose that work has given them.  Although they may have planned for their retirement  – grief can come like an unexpected neighbour.

More recently a dear friend moved to another suburb – so her children could be nearer to the desired school.  I felt those feelings of loss over that friendship as we had shared a life together whilst our children were young and at the same school.  We both acknowledged that our relationship had changed and that we didn’t see each other any more  – the feelings of grief I experienced again was real. Made more complicated in that I saw her as my ‘sister’ friend in Australia she perhaps not so.

However as I write this I no longer think about our friendship with sadness and longing but with fond memories of what we had.

At Partnership for Growth we are dedicated to exploring those feelings with you and work through the stages of grief including complicated and unresolved grief. With dedication and compassion you can come out the other side and carry on with your life.

If this resonates with you, contact Audrey online or call direct on 0401 503 999 to see how she can help.