“Do I have depression?”

DepressionDepression is another common emotion that is experienced by 1 in 5 people.  It is often linked to severe anxiety especially if the anxious feelings are not dealt with properly.   We all feel low, unhappy or sad from time to time – some of us are able to bounce back from these feelings or have close friends or family to talk to.  When neither is available or absent or you simply cannot share your worries you may feel alone with your thoughts and depression can creep in.  Particularly if it appears your sadness is lasting longer than you normally would when you’re feeling ok.  Sometimes depression can be triggered by pass hurts e.g. from childhood, family conflict or an unhealthy relationship.  Sometimes there is no concrete reason; you could simply be feeling unhappy with your life and circumstances, which you believe is out of your control.

So what exactly is depression?

Constant sadness, unhappiness, feelings of hopelessness and low self- esteem and that you feel your life is worthless.  Severe depression, which is sometimes called Clinical Depression, is when people may think of harming themselves constantly and they cannot begin to start their day e.g. unable to get out of bed. Physical symptoms can be fatigue due to lack of sleep from excessive worry, or fear, stomach problems, constant headaches or other unexplained physical symptoms.   When we are depressed we can withdraw from our daily life become isolated and lose interest in things we use to engage in, lose concentration and inability to communicate with close friends or relatives. Sometimes we can drink too much or become addicted to other forms of behaviour e.g. gambling to control it or to make it disappear.

If you feel you identify with any of the above it is important to get professional support as soon as possible, if you are unsure give us a call and we would be able to help.

“ After encountering major problems at work I went through a tough period in my life, which affected both my family and my social life.  I became distant from my kids, which led to depression for both of us.  I decided to get some help and started having sessions with Audrey.  Audrey was fantastic; she listened to my problems and gave me excellent advice.  She got to the source of my issues and gave me real options on how to resolve them both at work and at home.  Audrey was professional helpful and compassionate she gave me strength to move forward in my life and now I have turned my life around – I am very grateful to Audrey for all her help.” Client ‘SD’

If this resonates with you, contact Audrey online or call direct on 0401 503 999 to see how she can help.

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